Saturday, September 24, 2011

(Partially) Juicin' Juice: Day 9 of 10

The wife and I breakfasted on a tomato omelet and some grapefruit/pear/apple/plum/beet juice with a hint of ginger. I have to say, the beet, while unholy and dirt-like in taste, is not too bad in small amounts. It always lends an interesting color to things, (before and after digestion, I've found).

We had errands and appointments to meet that day, so we were out for a while. I was hoping the new pizza place would be open, because I'm hankering for some. It was still under pre-opening repairs, however, so we drove on. The only other pizza buffet option available is The Hut, but the wife has an aversion to it for some reason. It was always my favorite growing up, and I worked for one in college, so I have an affinity for it. Not her. Despite the fact that she always enjoys what we get whenever we visit one, she won't willingly go. So we wound up having lunch at crApplebee's. We got their never ending soup and salad, which was pretty nice. During our meal, as I shoveled another bacony bite of spinach salad into my gob, I said to her, "Can you believe that if we had stuck to the full 10 days, we would still have another full day after this? I'm so glad we quit."

And I think that might be at least an unspoken half-goal of doing a juice fast: showing yourself that no matter how good juicing can be for you, eating solid foods is pretty awesome. Even the spinachy ones. You develop a real appreciation for being able to eat real food again, so much so that I haven't yet had the overwhelming desire to just go nuts and buy those Quarter Pounders I'd promised myself. I think sticking to a generally healthy diet, accompanied by juice, during the week will be enough so I can take a free day on the weekend and enjoy some of the junkier things in life. This free day concept is a major part of Tim Ferriss's Slow Carb diet. It made that diet tolerable. Well, that and the glass of dry red wine he allowed each evening. I'm hoping I can still lose a little weight at it, because nothing would please me more than going to my next checkup, having Dr. Ralph ask me what I've done to lose weight and before he can even get the question out say, "Juicin'."

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