Sunday, September 18, 2011

Juicin' Juice: Day 3 of 10

Day three has been not bad at all. Still no headaches from caffeine withdrawal and the cravings have remained and a mostly objective level. And now I'm starting to feel results. I've lost between three and five pounds. (I'm not sure of the exact number because our scale has decided to be indecisive and just fluctuates in a three pound range. But it does it consistently, so I can see that the three pound range is getting lower.) Not bad.

On the caffeine front, I'm thinking that I might try to go a full month without it. It's an experiment I've wanted to try for a while, but have been afraid of the withdrawal headaches. Now that I seem to be beyond those, it would be interesting to see what life is like without caffeine for a while. I've probably not spent that amount of time without it since I was in elementary school, and probably not even then. But I've been coming to the conclusion that I might be a touch ADD. I have trouble sticking to a given task without leaping to some new shiny object task I think of, so nothing gets finished unless I have a deadline. I wonder if that's just naturally how my brain is, or if it's a symptom of caffeine intake. I figure, let's try a month without it, see how scattered I feel and proceed from there. I love coffee too much to give it up, but perhaps I can curtail my intake, switch to decaf, or start up on some Ritalin.

I also found out my piping hot soup idea is flawed. The wife noted that according to the literature it's no good to bring any veggie juice soup to anything near a boil because that kills off the vital enzymes in the juice that you're hoping to transport and cultivate in your gut. So it's okay to warm the soup, but not to actually bring it to a boil.

Today was her first day back at work. The juice she made last night got her through the day okay, although she said there was an enormous bag of powdered doughnuts being passed around the clinic that kept calling to her. Glad it wasn't me. To paraphrase Homer Simpson, powdered doughnuts are my one true weakness. My Achilles heal, if you will. (Actually, it's Nutter Butters, but little powdered doughnuts are almost as nummy.)

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