Friday, September 2, 2011

Birthday Vengeance!

Ohhh McDonald's, you poor deluded purveyor of tasty things that will fill my arteries and ultimately destroy me. You chose to EFF me on my fries in your drive thru on the wrong day, my friend. For today, you see, is my birthday. And on my birthday, above all other days, I desire to eat a large order of fries and will broker no hindrances to this goal.

"Excuse me," I said, holding out the large fry box containing a medium amount of fries that barely reached the box's lower edge. "Could I please have a LARGE order of fries?"

The drive thru lady looked at the box then shook her head, seemingly in amazement at the bass-plated balls the fry crew must have possessed even to attempt to fill so tiny an amount. She then carried the box away and returned a few seconds later with a HUGE HONKING extra large order.

Happy birthday to me.

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