Monday, September 19, 2011

Juicin' Juice: Day 4 of 10

Thus far thus good.

Lost another pound or so and can feel my clothes fitting better. I have had a few more cravings for junk food today, particularly pizza and cereal, but they've not been too bad. I was even able to walk through both Kroger and Wal-Mart on a veggie run without straying too close to the beer and snack aisle.

Had to go out and pick up some ginger root for the wife, because I forgot to in my grocery run yesterday. For some reason beyond me, she loves the stuff and puts it into nearly every juice she makes. Usually, I only tolerate ginger in ale form and have learned that nothing turns me off of a juice quicker than its presence. The spicy hot sensations that make your jaw ache are somehow pleasurable to her, but not so much for me.

A veg we both can agree is of the devil and should not be juiced or otherwise consumed in any form is the common radish. Just ungodly, it is. We each tried some raw radish juice and decided it was terrible. The wife hoped it would be better when mixed with other things. It was not. In fact, it infects anything it touches with its radishness to the point that she poured a whole glass down the drain. Never again. To the compost heap they went.

However, while I was out buying ginger, I did find a few other veggies that seem pretty good so far. I tried a mix today of celery, tomato, greenish yellow chili pepper, onion, lemon, mustard greens, spinach, kale and parsnip. Not bad at all. However, I have reached the conclusion that what raw onion adds in flavor is not beneficial enough to outweigh the tremendous stank breath it gives you otherwise. I only used a little bit, so as not to repeat the horrendous onion incident of Day1. No more for me, thanks.

The day went well enough. I'm getting my hot liquids craving met with hot lemon water, which is good because part of this fast is drinking lots of fluids.

When the wife came home, she was starving. She had abandoned the juice she'd taken to work with her mid-afternoon, because one of the ingredients (we're not sure which one) was so awful that it befouled the whole thing and she could barely choke it down without throwing up. I tried a sip of what she brought home and agreed it was not nummy, though I wasn't immediately repulsed by it. She said that drug reps brought in pizza for lunch, which smelled really good. Her coworkers felt bad that she had to suffer in its presence, but offered to juice some up for her if that would help. Alas, no. Otherwise, I would have been pizza juicing two days ago, for I too have been Jonsing for several slices. We even have a new pizza buffet place that's about to open in town and it looks like it just might be ready in time for my reward day at the end of this fast.

I put the wife's vile juice in the fridge in hopes of finding a way to doctor it tomorrow. Fortunately for her, I still had half a glass of my fruity concoction left from breakfast, which I offered to her as a palette-cleanser. She said it was just what she needed.

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