Friday, January 2, 2009

Small Deaths #1: Punk Cow 3.0

(An ongoing pictorial chronicling the small animals my dog Sadie has murdered during the course of her life. Not for the faint of heart.)

Punk Cow 3.0At left, the corpse of Punk Cow 3.0.

As its name suggests, there were two previous Punk Cows, both beloved by Sadie though ultimately killed by her. The first was killed by neglect, after Sadie left him outside and we neglected to bring him back in. Eventually, rain-soaked and moldy, he departed this mortal coil for a garbage heap coil.

His replacement, Punk Cow 2.0, was wily and able to survive for several months despite frequent maulings. Exactly one day after we noted aloud how remarkable it was that Punk Cow had survived while far tougher toys had not, Sadie bit open his nose, disemboweled him of both his stuffing and his squeaker and left him for dead.

Pictured above is his far shorter-lived third replacement, who lasted barely a week.

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