Friday, January 16, 2009

Kitty Update

Avie went in for her "female troubles" surgery this past Tuesday. Everything ultimately went all right, except that even though she had stopped with the constant loud screaming four days previous, she turned out to still be in heat. Cost an extra $24, but well worth it to get this taken care of finally. At five weeks in heat, there might not have been an end in sight.

We brought her home and kept her warm and mildly fed, as per instructions. She was still pretty loopy from her medicine and wandered around in a drunken state, frequently falling over with no provocation, which I found both sad and hilarious. For the first couple of days we kept her separated from Sadie, because the dog plays rough and likes to chase the cat. The cat likes to be chased, too, and is usually the instigator, but we can't risk an accidental pounce from the dog popping stitches or worse. So we kept Avie secure in the hall bedroom for the first couple of days and have now started to introduce her back into the general population, always with an eye in Sadie's direction to prevent trouble. Thus far, it's working quite well and Avie is her usual self once again with no real sign of pain or discomfort.

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tinylittlelibrarian said...

That's good - the poor thing and poor you guys for having it go on so long. I've never heard of an animal being in heat for such a crazy long time!