Sunday, May 29, 2011

Happy Returns

Um. Okay, then. Emmett's back.

He was waiting outside when I came back from church today. The story of how I came to be at this particular church and how it seems to relate to Emmett's return is the longer and more bewildering story--at least from my point of view.

It'll take a bit for me to wrap my own head around it.

Just be prepared, cause I might have to get religious on your ass.

In the meantime, just know that Emmett is back, a bit skinner than we last saw him, hungry and seemingly unharmed. No idea where he's been, but we're thankful to have him home.

More story to come later in the week.

1 comment:

chaniarts said...

you might get your cats chipped and have a pet id tag. i once had a cat disappear for 3 months. got a call one day from a little old lady living about 6 miles away, that a cat with my phone # on it was hanging around a lot terrorizing their little dog, and i had to come get it.

the cat had to navigate 2 large mountain preserves populated with hawks, owls, large rattlers, and coyotes, and 6 miles of a heavily traffic-ed urban scape filled with 4-6 lane roads.

he never roamed further than the backyard after that. i figured he went out for his normal hunt for mice, and got lost.