Friday, March 11, 2011

Actual Telephone Conversations Heard at My House #7 (a.k.a.: Marriage Shorthand Theatre 3000)


ME-- Hello?

WIFE-- (CALLING FROM WORK) Hey. I need to access my knowledge repository of all things moviewise.

ME-- Okay. lemme get my hat.

WIFE-- I need to know the movie with the baby with the red curly hair... It was sort of a sci fi thing... Early 90s.... Kind of with the dwarves... Sort of like Time Bandits...

ME-- Willow?

WIFE-- Yeah, that's it. Thank you. Bye.

(You don't want to face us across a Cranium board)

1 comment:

MS Ramona said...

I never saw Willow...I know shock! But I loved some Time Bandits. We named a dog Fidgit after one of the dwarves and this was way way before John ever entered my world :).