Monday, April 19, 2010

Kitty Search: One Week Later

The search/wait continues, sans kitty.

I went by the local humane society every day last week, except for Thursday, but Avie wasn't there. By Wednesday the staff all knew me and just waved me on back to the cat room whenever I walked through the door. And when I emerged from the room, hopes dashed, they told me how sorry they were and encouraged me to keep looking. When I went in Friday afternoon, a staff member I hadn't met yet was at the front desk. After I'd explained my cat search to her, she asked what kind of cat Avie is.

"She's a low calico," I said, parroting what I'd been told earlier in the week was likely to be Avie's specific breed. "She's white with gray and orange blotches."

The woman paused. "Long tail or short tail?" she asked.


I saw something perk up behind her eyes. "You should go on back there," she said.

Suddenly my heart was thumping with hope. Her manner suggested that a cat matching Avie's description was back there. In the cat room, I turned to the first of the stacked cage units lining the left hand wall and felt immediately disheartened. Inside the middle cage was a male cat with Avie's coloration. This was one I'd seen on Monday and knew was male due to his size, but by Tuesday was willing to give him a second look just in case and had gone so far as to poke my finger in the cage to jostle the litterbox and make the guy up so he would look at me. Nope. Giant, male cat head with the wrong color pattern to begin with. This was probably the cat the lady was thinking of.

As I made my way down, though, there was another cat with Avie's color scheme, if not exact pattern. Then, in the last column of cages, there was a tiny kitten who looked very similar to Avie, nursing at its orange mother.

Hope brimming, I turned to the opposite wall to find two more cats with Avie's coloration, one of which was actually female and had her back to the cage door so that I had to call "Kissy kitty?" until she turned around to reveal a mostly dark face. No Avie.

The lady at the desk looked at me with raised eyebrows of anticipation as I exited. I shook my head, but did note for her the five kitties with similar color scheme. She encouraged me to continue coming back, as they got new kitties in every day.

On Sunday we a lady from a local nursing home phoned to say she had seen my MISSING CAT poster in Kroger and thought she might have found Avie. We were overjoyed and began taking down the address so we could rush right over.

"It's a beautiful cat," she said. "He's just very, very friendly."

"Um... `he?'" I said.


"You're sure he's male?"

"He's, uh... Yes, I'm pretty sure he's male," she said.

"It's probably not our cat. She's female."

"Oh," she said. We decided to go over anyway, though, on the off chance that the woman was somehow unable to properly identify if a cat had junk or not. What we found when we arrived was an orange and white cat that resembled Avie not in the slightest, particularly in the fact that his junk was large and prominent. He was indeed very friendly and had, we were told, been hanging around outside the place for the past month. If they'd told us that part, we probably wouldn't have come at all. Since we had come, though, they tried to get us to take him off their hands and kept emphasizing how nice and friendly he was. We declined. We're just not ready to take in strange kitties when we still have hope that ours will return to us.

Today, I returned to the humane society. Avie still wasn't there, but I believe I recognized our friendly, junk-equipped cat friend from Sunday afternoon.

Dammit. Now I feel guilty for two cats.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update. Still thinking good kitty-finding thoughts for you.


crsunlimited said...

What's with big orange male cats, and big junk? I have one that was part of a litter one of our other cats. Now that he is big in size, his junk almost intimidates me. I'm forever telling him we are going to get him some kind of pants just because his junk is prominent when he walks around I feel like he is flaunting it at me.