Monday, August 1, 2011

Actual Telephone Conversations Heard at My House #11

(The latest and hopefully final chapter in the ongoing telemarketing conversation saga between me and Associated Community Services.)


ME-- Hello?


ME-- Yes.

DEBBIE-- Hi, this is Debbie calling. How are you today?

ME-- Okaaaay.

DEBBIE-- I work for AC Services. We do fundraising on behalf of the Children's Cancer Fund of America. You know... we're the people who get the cancer medicines to the children in need.

ME-- Yes, Debbie. I am familiar with AC Services. I've actually done the research and it would seem that a lot of the funds AC Services raises does not actually make it to the charities you're fundraising for.

(Not even the slightest of pauses.)

DEBBIE-- Would you like to speak with someone about this?

ME-- No. Actually, what I would like is for you to put my name on your do not call list.

DEBBIE-- We can do that, sir. You have a nice day.

ME-- You as well.

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