Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Actual Jury Duty: Day 4

When last I was excused from jury duty, they told me to call the jury duty hotline the following day to see when I would next be required. I dutifully called it and my memory of that event is that the recording told me to phone it back on February 2 to find out when my next day of service would be.

At 6 a.m. this morning, I awoke with a shudder. My sleepy brain had processed that memory, but after some cross checking with the memories of the many other times I'd called the hotline was now uncertain if I was supposed to phone the hotline back on February 2 or if I was to turn up for jury in a specific judge's court room on February 2. I tried to suss it out a bit, but my processor's display screen flashed the COFFEE EMPTY warning light and refused to provide a definitive answer. I rolled out of bed, hunted down my cell phone, looked up the number in its memory, then called on the house phone (as my cell phone has remarkably spotty cell service at my house).

The hotline declared that all previous jury group service had been canceled. No surprise there, as that's what it usually says. But then it went on to say that all jury groups were now relieved of duty for this jury term. (Mine was scheduled to end on Feb 4, anyway, but I figured I'd have to serve if they were able to get me on a jury in the next two days.) Our checks, the recording said, would be in the mail soon.

So it looks like I'm free and clear of jury duty for the immediate future. Only cost me a $500 insurance deductible, thanks to my related car accident, and probably a hike in insurance rates.


i win.

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