Monday, January 24, 2011

Actual Jury Duty: Day 2

Called the jury line today, as instructed. They claim my group is to appear for possibly jury service on the morn. We'll see if it actually happens. I'll not be surprised if I phone in the morning to hear it's been called off, though.

How do people with real jobs deal with this sort of thing? First they schedule you, then cancel it. Then reschedule for next week, then cancel. Then call you in and cancel. Set a new date and cancel. Constantly leading you on. I don't know how people are able to schedule it with their jobs. My impression has always been that you're called, you go, you're either picked or not, you serve, you go home. I'm kind of astounded works.


chaniarts said...

it works differently in most reasonable places. in my state (az) you are called for a week's possible duty. you call the night before to see if they released you (they called too many), and if so, you're excused from being called back for 1 year. if needed, you show up the first day. if you don't get put on a jury that day, you are excused for 2 years. if you do get put on a jury, the typical one averages 3 days. you're then excused from being called for another 2 years.

so, at a minimum, you don't show up. average is only showing up 1 day, about 50% of the time you sit for 3 days.

grand jury is different. you're eligible to be called at any time for a longer period, usually 3 months. there's very few of them though, so they don't need too many people.

crsunlimited said...

To answer your question, by law your job has to let you go even if you have to show up 15 times in that month your supposed to serve. Your also supposed to be paid by your employer because this is a civic duty thing.

It does drive you nuts though not knowing if today you have to be at the court house, or if you get to go to work.

Well in my state anyway.