Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Surprising Septuagenarians in the South West (or "Eating Like An Asshole Week: Day 3")

My vision restored, we awoke mid-morning and headed out for breakfast with the `rents. Our chosen destination, our favorite purveyor of breakfast tacos: Juan in a Million.

I wrote about Juan in a Million in a previous incarnation of the blog. Since then it has appeared on Man Vs. Food to much-deserved acclaim. Everything I wrote back then still stands. Go read it. SonofaBee the Don Juan is a massive amount of breakfast taco goodness, but especially when paired with their tortilla chips, guacamole and a hearty handshake from Juan himself. We stuffed ourselves into stupidity, and I was still the only one of use who finished his entire plate of food--bunch of amateurs.

Which brings me to a major point: when most people head to Austin, they come for the atmosphere, the shopping, the music, the vibe. We come for the food. No where else that we've been has such a concentration of truly delicious restaurants at reasonable prices. It was our stated goal to get up very early every day so we could fit in an extra meal and enjoy that much more of the food to be had--our diets be damned. Trouble is, our intestinal transit time was not as swift as one would need it to be in order to accommodate the kind of quantities we were envisioning. Very quickly we found that we could realistically only eat about two meals a day, with almost no snacking in between. Sad, really.

We spent our day running the wife and step-mother to find a good bead shop where we stranded them, leaving to go find a proper comic shop. We didn't find it. What we should have done was driven immediately to Austin Comics & Books which, with every visit, further cements itself as my favorite comic shop ever. Instead, we went to find a different comic shop that my sister had never been to. We found it and it was pretty tiny and not at all what I was looking for. By the time we found it, though, we didn't have any time to go to a good shop before having to return to the bead store and rescue the ladies. I would have to wait for comic shop goodness.

Breakfast: Juan in a Million's Don Juan.

Lunch: Leftovers from Cheesecake factory in which I ate the remainder of the wife's shepherd's pie.

Dinner: Hills Cafe's Original Burger and fries.

Beer Journal: Lone Star beer at Hills Cafe (pretty standard beer). More Blue Moon later.

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crsunlimited said...

Funniest Pun of the day:

We spent our day running the wife and step-mother to find a good bead shop where we stranded them

Thanks that made me laugh.