Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Vacations, and coming back there from


Been a while since I've posted. I have the perfect excuse, though: vacation.

Yesirree, last week the wife and I drove down to see her family in Holden Beach and there we stayed, gorging ourselves on the flounder that my father-in-law caught and my moms-in-law fried up, basking in the 6 p.m. beach time sun (we no longer have patience for beaches any earlier than about 5p) and occasionally heading out on the ocean and waterway with Pa on his new cabin-boat. It's long been his dream to purchase such a craft and head out to fish whenever he wants and now that dream has come to pass. I didn't catch anything and, instead, lost something very expensive in the form of my new eye glasses which were knocked from my face by a less than rogue wave and may wash up somewhere near Myrtle beach one day. If you find them, lemme know.

This week, we're back in Borderland, but with an added cast member: our 10-year-old niece Kayley, who is staying with us for a couple of weeks. We plan to see the sights around here this week (all two of them) and then head to D.C. next week for some camping and monument/museum touring. It's proven to be a mild adventure, as the wife is back at work this week leaving me to entertain the kid during the day. So far it's not been much of a problem, but the week is still young.

In the meantime, I'm wearing my contact lenses while I wait for yet another pair of glasses to arrive. The story behind my battle with a local optometrist to achieve this, however, is a fun one which I shall shortly tell...

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