Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Hola and welcome to my new blog, Borderland Tales.

For those of you who are new to the program, this is a thematic sequel to my previous effort Tales from the "Liberry", a blog that chronicled five years of my exploits as a "liberry" ninja working in a library in the Tri-Metro area of small West Virginia towns. Being as how I moved away from Tri-Metro to the somewhat larger and semi-cosmopolitan area of Borderland, and am thus no longer employed as a "liberry" ninja, it was thought perhaps a new venue was in order to continue my tales of libraryless, coffee-swilling, boring-ass domesticity. This is it, until such a time as a better theme comes along.

Because I don't have a regular parade of lunatics wandering in front of me to provide blogging fodder, I cannot promise the daily update schedule made famous by TFTL. However, my own bad behavior and the observed bad behavior of other people and/or pets, should suffice for two or three updates per week. I'll also likely import a few of my previous "liberry-free" exploits to help add some backstory.

I was going to call this place Tales from the Borderland, but some other jerkweed writer already took that. So Borderland Tales it is.


Derek said...

As a former employee of a library myself, I will miss the stories, but still very much enjoy your writings about the rest of life's adventures. Kudos to your decision to keep blogging!

solarity said...

Another former librarian here. I'll miss that aspect of it, but I really hung around for your writing, so it'll be all right. Keep up the good work.